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About – Mobile Exchanger

About Us

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Sushil Gupta CEO/Founder

Anuraj Khatik Store Manager

Sarath M Business Development Manager

Geeta Gohil Customer Care Executive

Arbaaz Shaikh Sales Executive

What we really do?

We are one of the best places to buy or sell your used mobile phones in India. We have made a benchmark in making this industry an honest, transparent, legal and safe place to deal with the customers. The quality and prices that we offer are unbeatable.

History of the Company

Mobile Exchanger is a company founded by Mr Sushil Gupta, in 2014, earlier it was known as Mahalaxmi enterprises; the company has its headquarters in Surat, a prosperous city of Gujarat.

Foreseeing the digital transformation that revolutionized mobile industry the company has started its E-commerce portal and this is basically designed for the trade of pre-owned mobiles.

Mobile Exchanger is always considered upgrading itself according to the latest technologies as one of its  top priorities; the reason is because, more it upgrade its system the more convenient and facilitating it becomes for the customers to enjoy the benefits of its services.

With an utmost endeavor of keeping up with the latest technology and techniques, the company is also investing in new verticals and niche products. Rather than just being concerned about client satisfaction, we aim at making our clients happy. With the primary goal of being process driven, we focus on providing high standard services to our clients at affordable prices. We also have large selections of stock available to full fill our customer’s requirement.

Mobile Exchanger is a platform where either you can get the instant cash for your used smart phones or you can exchange with the wide range of smart phones available on our website. Our deal is very transparent and genuine and unique that we provide our customers 7 day guarantee if the customer is not satisfied we will give back the money and also provide the invoice with the GST.

We also facilitate our customer with secure payment gateway (net banking, Credit and debit card) and we will also launch soon EMI pay system to the customer those who don’t have credit cards. To serve our customer better we are opened 365 days.

What can we do for you ?

Our Customer Care Executives are at your service half the clock i.e. 9 hours a day from 10:00 to 19:00  during all the days. We are always here to serve our customers.

The products which are available at Mobile Exchanger, though used smartphones, but they have passed our 15 point check system, providing the customers, nothing but the best quality smartphones

We have collaborated with finest of the logistic solutions in India like DHL, FedEX, BlueDart, etc to provide our customers fastest and safest delievery

Finding issues with the smartphones purchased from us? Don’t worry you can contact our customer care executives anytime between 9:00 to 9:00, to resolve your issues.

Till date we have sold crores of smartphones and have 5000+ satisfied customers who keep on relying us for their new smartphone needs. For a couple of customers can be wrong but not 5000+ in terms of quality and price.